Brexit deal vote: Boris Johnson faces a really significant parliament vote to place his deal –

Brexit deal vote: Boris Johnson faces a really significant parliament vote to place his deal –

The European Union says it is as much as the UK authorities to affirm the 27 EU member states “as soon as that you would possibly per chance specialize in” what action this will doubtless procedure close after the Brexit deal changed into no longer voted on Saturday.

EU Commission spokeswoman Mina Andreeva acknowledged the EU government took stamp of the vote and did no longer counsel a draw of action.

“This is in a position to per chance per chance possibly be for the UK authorities to dispute us about the next steps as soon as that you would possibly per chance specialize in,” she acknowledged on Twitter.

Had the deal been permitted, the EU parliament had deliberate to motivate the Brexit deal by Thursday evening.

At a determined session of parliament supposed to ratify the deal, politicians as a substitute voted 322-306 to motivate their approval unless guidelines to put into effect the agreement has been handed.

The vote is a significant blow to Johnson and ability he has to ask the EU to lengthen Britain’s departure.

British MPs had gathered on Saturday for a knife-edge vote on Johnson’s Brexit deal for a call that can per chance per chance earn explore the UK lastly leave the EU.

Parliament held its first Saturday sitting since the 1982 Falklands Struggle to debate the terms of a final-ditch divorce agreement Johnson struck with European Union leaders on Thursday.

Opposition parties and Johnson’s contain Northern Irish allies had rejected the textual enlighten however the highest minister and his personnel had spent the previous 48 hours before Saturday’s sitting frantically searching for to procedure close the meat up of wavering MPs.

Johnson warned his deal changed into level-headed the supreme draw out of the tortuous Brexit process that has left Britain in political turmoil since a 2016 referendum.

The Conservative premier suggested politicians his deal would be a “new draw ahead and a new and better deal both for Britain and our chums in the EU”.

But MPs proposed an modification for approval of the deal to be withheld unless and unless all significant imposing guidelines has handed.

Johnson acknowledged additional lengthen would be “pointless, dear and deeply corrosive to public trust”.

“If there is one feeling that unites the British public with a rising quantity of officials in the EU it is a burning want to derive Brexit done,” Johnson acknowledged.

“Additional lengthen is pointless, dear and deeply corrosive to public trust.”

Amid noisy scenes in the Home of Commons, Johnson insisted he changed into no longer “daunted or dismayed” by the vote result and remainedcommitted to taking Britain out of the EU by October 31


Securing a deal changed into a non-public victory for Johnson, a figurehead in the Leave advertising and marketing campaign who has vowed to verbalize Brexit on October 31 a formula or the other.

But parliament — worship the pissed off public — changed into level-headed bitterly divided over how and even if Britain have to conclude nearly half a century of integration with its closest neighbours.

The debate coincided with a mass demonstration to parliament anxious a 2nd referendum, with an choice to reverse Brexit.

Per guidelines already handed, the vote ability Johnson is obliged to jot down to the EU in quest of a lengthen previous Britain’sscheduled departure date of October 31.

But Johnson has over and over vowed he’ll no longer attain this.

He has previously acknowledged he would “comparatively be slow in a ditch” than attain so.

Any extension would depend upon all 27 EU leaders announcing certain.


Boris Johnson has written to MPs announcing he’ll expose the EU thata additional Brexit lengthen is no longer a solution.

“I would possibly no longer negotiate a lengthen with the European Union,” Johnson acknowledged in the letter.

“I would possibly expose the EU what I truly earn suggested the British public for my 88 days as High Minister: additional lengthen is no longer a solution.

“It’s comparatively that you would possibly per chance specialize in that our chums in the European Union will reject parliament’s place a query to for additional lengthen (or no longer takea decision rapid).”

Then again European Council President Donald Tusk acknowledged on Saturday evening he spoke to Johnson and changed into now looking ahead to a letter with a place a query to to lengthen Brexit again.

“Looking ahead to the letter,” Tusk acknowledged on Twitter after Johnson misplaced a really vital vote in the British parliament earlierin the day.

“I precise talked to PM Boris Johnson about the pain after the vote in the Home of Commons.”

An EU official acknowledged Johnson confirmed for the length of a call with Tusk that a Brexit extension place a query to would be despatched on Saturday.

“Tusk will on that basis commence up consulting EU leaders on easy the selection to react. This is in a position to per chance per chance procedure close a pair of days,” the official added.

The choice will come down to the other 27 EU leaders, however that is more doubtless to be Tusk’s job as head of the European Council to gathertheir views and he would possibly per chance per chance call a determined summit to approve an extension.

UK Home of Commons Leader Jacob Rees-Mogg acknowledged the authorities changed into planning to present MPs a sleek likelihood to earn a “necessary vote” on the deal on Monday.

Speaker John Bercow acknowledged he would rule on Monday whether it changed into in provide an explanation for for the authorities tohold the vote then.


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